Right Here (feat. iSH, Joanne Park)

from Right Here (여기) by uberLAB

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I'm wishing I could wake up and it was yesterday
Still hanging on to the words that I meant to say
You're scared of getting hurt, pushing me away is better
But fear is only temporary, regret is forever
I'm thinking to myself, do I think too much?
And I think maybe it's causing me to drink too much
But the better I know you, the more I see that I don't
And I wanna blame you, but maybe it's me... I don't know
So what do we do when we lose everything we believe in?
We're at odds with ourselves, so we never break even
And I think there's so much more that me and you could be
But maybe I'm just hanging on to what we used to be
I don't know... I don't know...

(여기) 생각 Ԫ없이 지나쳐 버린
(여기) 우리 함께하던 이 거리
(여기) 시간을 돌릴 수만 있다면...
I wonder why, 이제야 생각 Ԫ나?

We said a lot of words that we can't take back
And I tried to put us first, but we came out last
The truth is, I think that this is deeper than us
Maybe we just love the idea of being in love
Swimming in troubled waters, but I'm drowning in the lies
I'm searching for the truth, all I found is our demise
Our love was made of glass, I'm trying to pick up every piece
Waving a white flag, I just need a little peace
First you hate me, then you love me, then you hate me more
I know I gave you lots of ammunition, guess our love was war
We keep breaking up, then making up, and that's why
we all go around in circles like we're stuck in a revolving door
It's safe to say I lost trust, now my wall's up
Now when you're ringing me, I never pick the calls up
We had everything, how did this even start?
Now the only thing that we have in common is we're apart...

(여기) 생각 Ԫ없이 지나쳐 버린
(여기) 우리 함께하던 이 거리
(여기) 시간을 돌릴수만 있다면...
I wonder why, 이제야 생각 나?

(여기) 돌아보니 남아있는 건
(여기) 상처로 변한 추억들
(여기) 지금의 내가 할 수 있는건
시간에 날 맡기는 것


from Right Here (여기), released January 26, 2017
Written, produced, and mixed by uberLAB
Vocal Performance by: iSH
Twitter: twitter.com/TheNameIsIsh
Youtube: Youtube.com/IshMusic
Vocal Performance by: Joanne Park
Lyrics by: iSH, Joanne Park, uberLAB
Mastered by Shawn Hatfield
Album Photo: Daniel Shiplacoff
Album Cover Design: Jec Park


all rights reserved



uberLAB Seoul, South Korea

Korean producer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and performer Leo Jun AKA uberLAB.

Thanks for checking out my music!

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